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Updated August 24, 2021 - Published May 17, 2020

Just a few public projects that I've worked on over the year. The rest are on the cutting room floor.

Recoil Clone

A Recoil clone written in under 100 lines. I created this for the Rewriting Recoil from scratch post.

Simple Dev Blog Zola Theme

A Zola theme that is meant to replace simple Gatsby blogs by prerendering links and including all the basics needed for SEO. It used to be the theme powering this blog.

Rust OBS Wrapper

A safe Rust wrapper around the OBS API. I use this to creating OBS sources, filters, transitions and effects.


A Node.js wrapper of pjreddie''s open source neural network framework Darknet.

Gruvbox GTK

A simple GTK theme based on Arc but with Gruvbox colours. I've also created the matching icon theme;


An ongoing attempt to make myself an ultra-productive Linux user. I use my dotfiles to store my theme as well as useful scripts that I've built over the years.

Links to this note

What I'm doing now

My now page - where I list all the things that I'm focused on at this point in my life. This page is constantly being updated.

Bennett is a Software Engineer working at Clipchamp. He spends most of his day playing with React and editing videos, and his nights programming in Rust. You can follow him on Github or Twitter.
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