What I'm doing now

Budding 🌿 - Published August 24, 2021

During my work hours I'm building Clipchamp - a video editor that works entirely in the browser. Rather than working on product code, I'm working on building tools and abstractions to make other devs at Clipchamp's life easier and safer.

In my spare time I'm tending my digital garden and working on a secret Roam Research inspired tool for thought.

On the weekends I've been getting more and more into garden and I'm trying to build some raised garden beds without spending any money (a lot harder than it sounds.)

Check out my projects page for links to things I've worked on in the past.

This page is inspired by the "now page" movement.

Bennett is a Software Engineer working at Clipchamp. He spends most of his day playing with React and editing videos, and his nights programming in Rust. You can follow him on Github or Twitter.
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