Get Function Parameters and Return Types with Typescript

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When creating advanced functions in Typescript, it can be difficult to get everything to work without resorting to using any.

Working with functions is definitely one of the hardest things, luckily Typescript has a bunch of useful helpers to save the day.

import { doACoolThing } from 'cool-lib';

// get the type of the imported function
type CoolThingFunction = typeof doACoolThing;

function sayAndDoSomething(
    text: string,
    // set the "coolThing" to be the first param
    // of the imported function
    coolThing: Parameters<CoolThingFunction>[0]
    // set the return type to be the return type
    // of the imported function
): ReturnType<CoolThingFunction>  {
    return doACoolThing(coolThing);
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