Hello, Bennett here.

I’m a Software Developer living in Brisbane, working on making cool things in the browser at Clipchamp.

I’m still a full-time student, but you’ll barely find me at QUT. Rather, you’ll probably find me breaking builds, ricing Archlinux or coming up with ideas for apps I’m never gonna finish.


  • Darknet.js

    A Node wrapper of pjreddie's open source neural network framework Darknet, using the Foreign Function Interface Library.

  • Clipchamp Interview Challenge

    An Angular 5 chatting system that communicates using the WebRTC API. It was an internship interview challenge set by Clipchamp.

  • App Name Generator App

    A small Angular 5 app that generates random app names. Was made in a few hours for the CODE Network showcase.

Recent Posts

Class Assignments

  • Distributed Hangman

    Create a client/server system that allows users to play the game Hangman in C, using TCP and POSIX Threads.

  • Alien Advance

    An alien game written in C and compiled for AVR architecture (specifically the ATMEGA32U4).

  • The Diamonds of Doom

    A terminal-based game written in C using a custom QUT graphics library.

  • Doraemon Turtle Graphics

    Write a Turtle app which draws a jigsaw puzzle of a famous character in Python 2. I used my own implementation of B-Splines and a tracing tool to quickly draw the image.